PLEASE NOTE: We are not accepting referrals for ReStart at this time.

ReStart is a residential and after school program for youth ages 13 to 17 struggling with substance use and one of very few residential treatment facilities in Northern California that young people and their families can turn to, regardless of income.

ReStart’s unique approach blends recovery, mental health, and daily coping skills to help youth overcome their struggles with substance use. During their time with the ReStart program youth focus on learning how to prevent relapse and to increase their use of healthy coping skills. Treatment plans are customized and include individual and group counseling, family therapy, parent education, adventure therapy, and recreation. Throughout treatment, clients and their families are supported by a comprehensive, multidisciplinary team who also provide case management as well as schooling for residential clients.

ReStart offers a residential treatment program and an afterschool, outpatient treatment program, in order to provide a continuum of services and meet youth at the level of care they need.

  • Residential Treatment: A 10-bed, co-ed residential program providing 30 to 60 day treatment.
  • Afterschool Outpatient Treatment: A 20 hours per week intensive afternoon and weekend program, providing up to 90 days of treatment. Youth continue to reside in their home or other living arrangement.

Side by Side gratefully acknowledges the Elizabeth E. Bettelheim Family  Foundation, the Robert & Carol Jackson Charitable Foundation, the Marin Community Foundation, and the Marin Community Service Fund for supporting ReStart.