Queer Love Youth Pride Event



SBS: What is the Queer Love Youth Pride Event?

JC: The Queer Love Youth Pride (QLYP) Event is an Our Space-produced event that celebrates LGBTQ+ interconnectedness and brilliance. This year’s theme is “Bringing Community Back.”

SBS: What are the event details?

JC: Join us on July 22 from 11 am to 4 pm. The event is free! We are asking attendees to fill out a registration form to be entered-to-win raffle prizes.

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SBS: What happens at the event?

JC: We will have food vendors, community partners, games, and live performances during the event. We will also have a personal appearance from the San Jose Sharks mascot, Sharkie. We will also be raffling off gift cards and Swag during the performances.

SBS: What is your role during the event, and how long have you been at Our Space?

JC: I am the Logistics Coordinator for QLYP. I have been a program manager at Our Space since November 2020.

SBS: Why are events like these important to the community?

JC: East Bay youth needs to understand that there is more to the LGBTQIA+ community than what’s on display during the Pride parade in San Francisco. There are safe spaces for them all over the Bay Area. Our Space is proud to be one of them.

SBS: Who benefits from an event like QLYP?

JC: COVID-19 isolated queer youth from community partners. Now that things have returned to normal, we want to help rebuild those partnerships. This event is entirely youth-centered, and we want to make it a safe space where they can have fun and enjoy themselves.

SBS: Who comes? Is this a family event? How many people attend?

JC: Youth, families, friends, and allies are all welcome to attend. We are expecting 300 youths and families in attendance.