Glenwood Guild BINGO Dinner

Come try your luck at the Glenwood Guild’s 25th Annual BINGO Dinner. Play exciting BINGO games, win fabulous raffle prizes, and walk away with the knowledge that your support is making a difference for at-risk youth served by Side by Side’s Irene M. Hunt School.

The Irene M. Hunt School is a nonpublic day school on Side by Side’s San Anselmo campus that provides students in grades K through 12 with an individualized education tailored to their specific needs. With our committed support, students address emotional and behavioral challenges and build on their core strengths and innate desire to learn and grow. The overarching goal of the Hunt School is to return students to their neighborhood mainstream public school setting, equipped with the skills to thrive socially and academically.

Since 1966, the Glenwood Guild has supported Side by Side’s programs and services for youth in Marin County. From volunteering at the Grape Festival to annual guild fundraisers, the Glenwood Guild has been critical to our organization’s success and we are indebted to them for their commitment and involvement.

Guild Members

Gill Keirle, President

Linda Christensen

Sue Clark

Margaret Erickson

Ruth Falkenberg

Patti Faraday

Carole MacPhail

Barbara Metzger

Sue Moore

Anne Nelson

Bea Newhall

Joy Phoenix

Maggie Polan

Terrie Reyes

Jan Smith