Irene M. Hunt School

The Irene M. Hunt School (Hunt School) is a nonpublic day school that provides students in grades K through 12 with an individualized education tailored to their specific needs. With our committed support, students address emotional and behavioral challenges and build on their core strengths and innate desire to learn and grow.

The Hunt School provides a therapeutic environment where students develop the capability to regulate their behavior, maintain focus and resilience, and form healthy, trusting relationships – all foundational elements for lifelong learning. We supplement our comprehensive state-adopted curriculum with a wide range of enrichment for students, including exposure to music and theater. In addition to the school-wide positive behavior program and customized student support plans, students receive personalized mental health treatment and other specialized services according to their individualized education plans.

With small class sizes separated for elementary, middle school, and high school, teachers and classroom aides are able to give each student the developmentally and academically appropriate attention they require.

The overarching goal of the Hunt School is to return students to their neighborhood mainstream public school setting, equipped with the skills to thrive socially and academically. The Hunt School serves children from Marin County and adjacent communities within commuting distance.

Side by Side gratefully acknowledges Harbor Point Charitable Foundation, Marin Charitable, George Sandy Foundation, and the Glenwood Guild for supporting the Irene M. Hunt School.


Milo: An Irene M. Hunt School Story from Side By Side on Vimeo.

Hunt School student, Milo, and his family give voice to their journey and Side by Side’s role in their story.

Video Credit: Andrew Hida

Avery + Ruki

Avery + Ruki from Side By Side on Vimeo.

Side by Side’s Irene M. Hunt School provides a therapeutic environment that equips K-12 students to thrive academically and socially. A former student, Avery, and his mom share the impact that Side by Side made on their family.

Video credit: Andrew Hida.


Letters from Side By Side on Vimeo.

The story of Side by Side comes to life through letters between youth and providers in four programs: the Irene M. Hunt School, Our Space, TAY Space, and Real Alternatives.

Video credit: Andrew Hida.

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