TAY Space

TAY Space is a community center for youth ages 16-25 (transitional age youth, or TAY) who struggle with mental and/or emotional disorders including bipolar, schizophrenia, anxiety, and depression. The transition from childhood into adulthood presents many challenges that are only exacerbated for young people with mental health diagnoses. Many TAY Space clients also navigate poverty, homelessness, and histories of foster care, incarceration, hospitalization, abandonment, and/or abuse. TAY Space is specifically designed to support this age group in managing their mental health; connecting to resources for housing, education, and employment; and building on their strengths to forge a self-sufficient future. The goal of TAY Space is to help vulnerable, transitional age youth gain the foothold they need to thrive beyond their diagnoses and histories.

For our full service partnership clients, (FSP), a multi-disciplinary team provides assessment, individualized treatment plans and links to needed supports and services, as well as coordinated individual therapy and psychiatric services. TAY Space also conducts support groups for parents of Spanish speaking clients to help them access the support they need to, in turn, support their children.

TAY Space also functions as a drop-in center for our FSP clients as well as any other youth in need of a safe place and a community of other transitional age youth. On a drop-in basis, TAY Space provides job coaching; workshops on stress reduction and mindfulness, money management, and independent living skills; as well as critical social opportunities such as games, hikes, movies, sports, and cultural events.