Our Approach

We see our clients for the individuals that they are, and how all aspects of their life experiences have impacted their behavior, emotions, and ability to learn. They might struggle with failing grades, truancy, brushes with the law, and substance use. They might have anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem, and not know how to interact with others in a healthy way.

Adverse circumstances in childhood and early adulthood are far more prevalent than most of us realize and cross every racial, ethnic, geographic, gender, and socio-economic line. They are also more harmful than previously understood, with links to life-long negative outcomes.

But it’s not too late. In the same way the developing brain of a young person may be more impacted by adverse conditions, it can also be more responsive to intervention that can heal the trauma, and prevent the escalation of troubling or dangerous behavior and conditions.

We trust our young people as the experts in their own lives, providing holistic and comprehensive services that honor their unique needs, and build on their strengths, dreams, and passions. By showing respect and appreciation for them at every step, we help our youth gain the skills to create and maintain supportive connections and healthy relationships in school, work, and life. We also recognize that many of our young people, their families, and communities have been negatively impacted by biased and inequitable systems – we stand up against injustice, advocate for their rights and resources, and provide the safe space most have missed in their lives.