Commitment to Inclusivity

A strongly-held value at Side by Side is to honor and embrace the tremendous diversity of our clients and employees. We strive for our workplace to be a safe place where everyone is respected and valued for who they are, and we make conscious efforts to ensure that our culture and norms do not perpetuate oppressive practices. One way we do this is to invite staff to share their personal pronouns, in introductions and email signatures, to allow them to avoid potentially being mis-gendered in conversation or other communications, and to acknowledge our respect for all staff, whether transgender, gender-non-conforming, or cisgender. Sharing pronouns is encouraged, however, not compulsory, with our intent to maintain a safe space for all. We hope this practice will encourage reflection on what it means to contribute to a workplace culture where our shared values of compassion and respect are extended to our trans and gender non-conforming colleagues and clients.