Real Alternatives

Real Alternatives offers a continuum of transitional housing opportunities for current and former foster youth and/or those on probation ages 16 to 24. We provide an apartment for youth to call home and often support especially vulnerable populations including commercially sexually exploited youth, parenting and pregnant youth, and LGBTQ-identified youth.

Real Alternatives provides a safe environment for participants to take responsibility for their lives in as many areas as possible and develop goals for their future all while having a safety net. Supported by our staff, youth learn to budget and pay bills, shop for groceries and cook, live with a roommate, resolve conflict, pursue an education, and pursue and maintain employment. All Real Alternatives clients have access to mental health services and also are supported in building and/or repairing relationships, learning new coping skills, and managing any mental health symptoms that may get in their way.

Crisis intervention and emergency support is also available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Side by Side recently completed a five year longitudinal study of Real Alternatives and the success of our clients upon exiting the program. Click here for the Executive Summary of the study.

Side by Side gratefully acknowledges the Eucalyptus Foundation, Five Bridges Foundation, West Davis & Bergard Foundation, Bernard E. & Alba Witkin Charitable Foundation, In ‘n Out Foundation, and CarVal Investors for supporting Real Alternatives.